music video : Valerie Gentile and Abbey Nex – Scarred

Musicians Valerie Gentile and Abbey Nex teamed up and released the live video Live En Sous-sol on September 23rd. The video was shot by Kevin Vonesper, who shoots all the Vampirefreaks events that happen in NYC, and can be rented or purchased on Vimeo. I was privileged to have an early look at this 34-minute concert video, like a half-hour set for the viewer except with cinematography and tight sound production, and no stoppages/stage ad-lib. Both performers are expertly dolled up, looks completed by nylons full of runs, and I would have been disappointed if they weren’t! They each take turns front and center as well as with instruments: they’ll each take a turn working the keys, they both sing, and they both have string instruments to rock out with where appropriate. The set list is a combination of tracks from Gentile’s EP Love Is Luxury, and Nex’s debut album Zondustrial. The two go together really well, and by that I mean the tracks and the performers. Altogether thoroughly entertaining, though I wonder how the rent/sell idea will work. Take a peak with this excerpt of the track “Scarred”.

– Dylan Madeley

Dylan Madeley
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