item of the week : Babylon Rose T-Shirt by Kill Star


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When we cover men’s fashion at Auxiliary, it’s often with the mindset that most men in the scene and immersed in the music make rather low-key fashion choices. Though there are many men in the various scenes we cover that are highly fashionable, opting for making the boldest statements with their clothing. This Item of the Week bridges the gap between. It’s a T-shirt, so it’s a rather easy piece of clothing to wear. But the all over floral print does make it a bolder piece. It’s a bigger print making it a bit less busy. You could pair this with black jeans and boots and be in your regular comfy uniform but in a more fashionable way. Or pair it under a blazer to let just a bit of the pattern peek out. Another point that makes it easy to style, it’s only grayscale and red. You can do it! And if you already do, then maybe this shirt will be a neutral in your wardrobe.

The Babylon Rose T-Shirt by Kill Star is available online for £29.99 at

– Jennifer Link

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