item of the week : Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb


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Artist, model, and as highlighted here, fashion designer Zoetica Ebb has turned many of her Alien Botany drawings into wearable art. These thick and totally opaque spandex leggings were designed with your body in mind. Unlike many all over print leggings, this design is laid out perfectly for your anatomy. Zoetica Ebb’s Alien Botany leggings come in four styles but we chose this one because you need something that will contrast your sea of black and gray clothing. Pick a pair of bold shoes and top these leggings with a comfy tunic and you’re all set with an easy yet fashionable outfit for a fall day. See more from the Alien Botany collection, see more of Zoetica Ebb’s spot on styling, and read our interview with her in the latest issue of Auxiliary!

The Desiderium Leggings by Alien Botany by Zoetica Ebb are available online for $103 at

– Jennifer Link

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