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We had the chance to interview two-time Auxiliary cover model Agata Waclawska. Agata is a very emotive and versatile model having appeared in numerous Auxiliary editorials, modeled with the top designers and photographers in her home-base of Toronto, and has walked down the runway of many major alternative fashion shows and fashion fetish events. She has been transitioning into the world of TV and film acting and is a self-described nerd. You can also catch Agata and her thoughts and experiences on working with Auxiliary over the years in our Kickstarter campaign video.

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How did you get into modeling?
Agata Waclawska : I first got into modeling when a friend of mine asked if I could be a hair model for her final project at Aveda. The school provided a professional photographer for the students so that they could use the images for their portfolio. While modeling, the photographer asked if I had been modeling for a long time. To his surprise, I admitted that it was my first time. He was so impressed with my work that he suggested that I should pursue modeling and that was the beginning of my modeling adventures.

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What have been some of your favorite photoshoots to date? Some of the favorite designers you’ve modeled for? Some of the favorite photographers you’ve worked with?
AW : Honestly, some of my favorite photoshoots have been with Auxiliary Magazine. Each one that I been a part of has been incredible. I’m drawn to beautiful clothing, eccentric hair and makeup, and unique sets and styling. I love collaborating with people that have an eye for creating something truly extraordinary. Another shoot that I absolutely loved was a group collaboration with a few other well-known models from Toronto. We did a female version of the characters from Clockwork Orange, where we recreated the milk bar. Lets just say, latex, milk, and four hot women definitely made it one of my most memorable shoots to date. Some of my favorite designers that I’ve worked with are Artifice Clothing, House of Etiquette, and Ego Assassin. As for photographers, what can I say, I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Link [laughs] and I like working with Altovenue and Jeff Hui.

For a long time pink was your signature hair color, lately you’ve been changing your hair color and you’ve modeled with wigs, how does your persona change as your hair color changes and how do you convey such a wide range of personas when modeling?
AW : As much as I enjoyed being a mermaid, I think hair color is just an enhancement of a particular look you want to achieve, like when you wear makeup, or different style of clothing. Eventually, you want to create something that doesn’t look like every other project you’ve done. I love being able to transform into new characters with the help of wigs, makeup, and clothing but believe that what ever accessory I use, my fans will always recognize me by the way I pose and express myself through emotion.

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What are your thoughts on the term “alternative model”?
AW : I think “alternative model” is such an ambiguous term. There are so many wonderful and beautiful forms of modeling these days that I would say that being alternative means not fitting the standard mold of what’s considered high fashion. It’s the ability to be creative and not being discriminated about how you look.

How has your transition into acting and the movie and television industry been?
AW : I feel like my transition in acting and being part of the movie/television industry is going well. I took drama in high school but never thought to pursue it afterwards. But after I booked my first gig, I feel in love with the industry. It’s given me a whole new medium to practice my creative nature. I have since then been in a few web series, music videos, and films and I only want to do more.

As a two-time Auxiliary Magazine cover model, what advice would you give to aspiring models?
AW : My best advice for any aspiring models is to be true to yourself and unique without trying to copy anyone else out there. It’s great to be inspired by other people but the more original you are will reflect on how successful you become.

What are some of your creative endeavors aside from modeling?
AW : Along with acting I also enjoy fashion and costume design. I went to college for fashion design and spend some of my spare time sewing and making garments either for myself or on occasion making custom costumes for friends and clients.

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How do you spend your leisure time? What are some of your hobbies?
AW : I’m a huge nerd and honestly spend far too much time playing video games or reading fantasy novels. I spend a lot of time traveling so I always make sure I pack my DS and a good book. At home I’m currently obsessed with playing League of Legends and Disgaea.

What was the best fetish event you’ve ever been to? What made it an amazing event?
AW : My favorite fetish event is Torture Garden in Toronto. Its an entire weekend full of latex fashion shows, strange and exotic performances, and I get to hang out with all my favorite model friends while dresses in the most gorgeous latex outfits.


What are your long-term and short-term modeling and acting goals?
AW : In the short-term I’ve been auditioning and taking acting classes to continue perfecting my acting skills and learning new techniques. For modeling, I’ve been collecting and making a few cosplay outfits with a fetish/alternative spin to them that I want to shoot and present to the world soon. There’s something incredibly exciting about dressing up as your favorite character but giving them latex or PVC versions or their outfits.

I don’t have any set long-term goals just yet. But I want to eventually book a recurring role on a TV series or a lead role in a movie. There is a specific type of role that I want to play so til then I will continue to audition and practice my craft.

Follow Agata Waclawska on Facebook and catch her in the Auxiliary Kickstarter video sharing her thoughts on Auxiliary Magazine.

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