One Week Left of our Subscriptions Launch Kickstarter!

Less than one week left to get your print or digital subscription through our Kickstarter! After five years of publishing online editions with print on demand we want to switch to print runs so we can offer print and digital subscriptions. We have chosen Kickstarter to pre-sell subscriptions to gather up the funds we need for our first three print runs.

Over the first three weeks of our campaign we have added many updates! Check them out to get a Reclaim Goth, Punk, Industrial, Cybergoth, Steampunk, or Grave Wave banner to share. We posted what people are saying about our Kickstarter on social media.

We shared some behind the scenes photos of our June/July 2014 swimwear editorial.

Auxiliary June/July 2014 Swimwear Editorial Behind the Scenes

View all the behind the scenes photos with our Kickstarter Update.

We posted some media coverage of our Kickstarter and some of the feedback we’ve been getting.

Fstoppers :

Brutal Resonance :

“One of my favorite photo shoots and collaborations to date was published in Auxiliary Magazine. If you love seeing unusual editorials, support a publication that helps facilitate them, and help fund its future in print!” – Zoetica Ebb cofounder of Coilhouse Magazine

“Auxiliary Magazine is one of my absolute favorite subculture-focused publications. Gorgeous photo shoots, well-written editorials and articles, and all-around fabulous eye candy. I really want this Kickstarter to succeed. Did I back at a reward level that will snag me a Reclaim Goth shirt? Of course I did.” – Jillian Venters author of Gothic Charm School

We did a mini photoshoot with the prototype of the first Auxiliary Magazine T-Shirt from our Reclaim Collection. Photographed by Jennifer Link and modeled by Erin Moser with hair by Erin Moser and makeup Chelsey Merrill.

Reclaim T-Shirt

View all the photos from our Reclaim T-Shirt Photoshoot with our Kickstarter Update.

Get all the details, watch the video, check out our rewards packages, subscribe, and help spread the word!

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