The Reclaim T-Shirt Collection

Introducing the first Auxiliary T-shirts, the Reclaim Collection, a collaboration between Auxiliary Magazine and James S. Cole. Currently available through our Subscription Launch Kickstarter. The collection consists of six different Reclaim T-Shirt designs with an oversize graphic on the front and Reclaim Goth, Punk, Industrial, Cybergoth, Steampunk, or Grave Wave on the back with Auxiliary Magazine and below. They are hand silkscreened and printed on modern fit soft 100% cotton T-shirts and available in mens and womens styles in sizes small to extra-large.

Subculture, dark culture, and alternative culture are more popular than ever. The influence and inspiration of darker subcultures can be seen in street and high fashion, mainstream and popular music, television and film, and society as a whole. But despite all this appropriation, actual subculture and underground scenes are suffering and struggling to survive. Auxiliary has embraced both unique underground fashion, music, and media as well as the mainstream manifestations inspired by it, believing that both together allow for the most creativity and the most possibilities. There has long been a great dialog between subculture and the mainstream, one influencing the other and back and forth. But if one is suffering this dialog falls apart and things begin to feel unauthentic.

It is time to reclaim! We are putting out a call to action to reclaim goth, punk, industrial, steampunk, cybergoth, and grave wave for yourself. Make it what you want it to be and don’t be afraid of the terms, own them.

The lovely Erin Moser, hair stylist and frequent contributor to Auxiliary Magazine, models the womens style of the Reclaim Grave Wave T-Shirt.

Auxiliary Reclaim Collection T-Shirt

Auxiliary Reclaim Collection T-Shirt

Auxiliary Reclaim Collection T-Shirt

Auxiliary Reclaim Collection T-Shirt

photographer : Jennifer Link
makeup artist : Chelsey Merrill
hair stylist : Erin Moser
model : Erin Moser

Auxiliary Reclaim T-Shirt Collection

Get your Auxiliary Reclaim T-Shirt through our Subscription Launch Kickstarter!

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