runway : Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Toronto ON, April 22 – Amplify Apparel’s collection shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week started with a Sin City stylized video featuring characters like The Dragon and The Warrior. The collection promised to be quite different from what we’d seen so far. After the video played the lights went up and The Peasant walked onto the runway. He was decked out in bleach paint splattered pants with a ripped sleeveless T-shirt. All accessorized in studs and chains, even his coffee cup was “amplified”. He checked his phone, sipped his coffee, and generally looked like he might be trying a little too hard to be here.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Upon walking back down the runway he encounters The Princess who sashayed onto the runway generally unimpressed with all the spectators in the front rows, and proceeded to take selfies. As she comes upon The Peasant she teases him, and struts away. He’s not worthy of her time either. She’s styled in a crown, crop top, and jean skirt with everything “amped” up, lace and chains, everything clashes and anything goes.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Each look was played out at great lengths by the models whom embodied the persona. Designer Allie Wood presented a collection that on a whole was more akin to a performance art piece. There were lots of great pieces and accessories that could definitely be infiltrated into any alternative minded individual’s everyday wardrobe.

The Princess and The Bard encountered each other next. He was the modern day rock star, wearing more accessories then clothing. Chains fell over his face, studs accessorized his earphones, and his fingers were covered in rings. He strolled back down the runway and this rock god meets The Medic from whom he gets his fix before walking off the stage in a daze.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

The Medic shares the stage with The Whore, prescribing pills for confidence, and exiting stage left. The Jester and The Whore met and a mocking display of sexuality commenced. The Traveller was next, a free spirit who is mocked by The Jester and robbed by The Thief. Our thief in turn is scared off by The Dragon.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Left, Severin Stargher as “The Dragon” Auxiliary Space Girl beauty editorial model.

The Dragon is one of my favorite looks of the night, with the simple ripped tee, and shorts with chain details, big hair and fun accessories, I was sad to see her slain by The Warrior. We are not left in mourning for long as The Sorceress takes vengeance on The Warrior before sending her offstage. Then the mystical meets the indoctrinated as The Nun confronts the blasphemer. Confident in her beliefs and dangerous in her ignorance, she exits and the final couple, The Queen and The King emerge.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Right, Myles Sexton as “The King” Auxiliary Kokabiel fashion editorial model.

The Queen is first in her caged crown, lace top, and shredded tutu. She’s confident, flirty, and she can rock anything. The King knows all eyes are on him. I loved the splashes of color and all the chain on the upper body. These two royals along with our fateful dragon steal the show. Their demeanor and presence on stage just as important as the articles of clothing they wore. We finish the show with the whole cast lining up on each side of the runway for the designer to stroll out to the applause of the audience.

Allie Wood not only showed us her designs, she created a story. The characters ripped from a legend of old, yet the people they represent are recognizable all too well today.

photos : Ian Compton

– Tasha Farrington

Tasha Farrington
Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz was Auxiliary’s Fashion Editor for many years and is now a fashion contributor, a fashion stylist represented by Behind the Image, and a first time mom.
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