runway : Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Toronto ON, April 23 – Alexandra De Francesco the force behind Asphyxia is known for her vintage flair, this year her collection shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week was highly influenced by the flapper era: very decadent with a hint of femme fatale. Each model was adorned in pieces by Curious Oddities, who created items specific to each Asphyxia outfit. The collection was made up with a lot of vintage silks and lace. Overall the collection was softer than previous years. The hair and makeup were reminiscent of the time but modernized, and made just a touch more risqué.


Left, Auxiliary PinUp Kassandra Love.

The show started with a sleeveless cream dress: pleated textured chiffon seamlessly transitions into vintage lace wrapping around the model like a loose belt. The bottom skirt and back of the dress were silk with soft ruffled chiffon details on the front. The back of the dress was tied with three delicate ribbon bows. It was a strong if somewhat unexpected start to the collection.

My favorite look from the soft cream dresses was the second one out. Another sleeveless number, the model was covered in beautiful tattoos, draped in pearls and beads. The dress was elaborately designed, including details of lace and hand beading which created a visual feast for the eyes. The overlay of ruffled and stylized floral pieces was expertly placed on the vintage lace to maximum effect. A ruffle of roses hugged the model’s hips, and a sheer silken fabric flowed down to the floor. Overall, with so much visual texture, this piece was one of my favorites.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Right, Auxiliary contributor Ashley Godwin.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

I was next enthralled by a vixen in orange and black. The sequins around her collar drew my eyes to the neck and face. My eyes followed the frame of the model’s shoulders down with the black sheer lace, taking in the softness and curling vines. I loved how the silk underlay cut off at the thighs as the lace went further down past the knee, with the lower legs exposed to the elements. The simplicity of the cut and style of the dress made it stand out and shine.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

There were a few darker-themed dresses, fit for a femme fatale. A grey silk full length gown with hand-beaded details was breathtaking and done with a masterful hand. A classic flapper dress in black and gold lace was paired with a geometric ribbon around the neck and vintage fur. This look was followed by a true crime beauty in a long-sleeve black dress, with beaded silver details, rhinestones, and lace. A bow detail at the bust, this dazzling dame was strikingly styled and definitely dangerous.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Right, Auxiliary Xenomorph fashion editorial model Martha Monoxide.

The finale came in the form of a sheer black robe with a sequined gold art deco pattern. As the model walked, two more ladies in slips sat down on chairs at the end of the runway. Stepping up between the chairs, our robed model stops and slowly removes her shoes and stockings with the aid of our newest arrivals. The robe is slowly peeled down the body of our model at center stage and a new outfit is revealed. A black chained necklace acts as a top over heart shaped pasties.  Her flirty black panties with fringe lets the model shake and shimmy her body to a burlesque rhythm. After giving us this final thrill our leading lady takes her companions with her, leading them away by the pearls hanging about their necks.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Alexandra De Francesco’s collection was titled “Beautiful and Damned”,  and she definitely captured that essence. Although not as dark as previous years, the whole collection was filled with so much painstaking detail it was hard not to love this latest vision by one of our Toronto darlings.

photos : Ian Compton

– Tasha Farrington

Tasha Farrington
Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz was Auxiliary’s Fashion Editor for many years and is now a fashion contributor, a fashion stylist represented by Behind the Image, and a first time mom.
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