in attendance : David J – An Eclipse of Ships Tour

Toronto ON, April 24 – David J, founding member of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, played a show at Lee’s Palace with Amy’s Arms and Ariel for opening acts. Amy’s Arms had joined David J for three Canadian stops (Montreal and Ottawa being the other stops) on his North American tour; Ariel joined them specifically for the show in Toronto. Touring began in advance of the May 1 release of David J’s new album, An Eclipse of Ships. The album had been successfully crowd funded through a Kickstarter campaign which ended January 11. Ariel took the stage, followed by Amy’s Arms, and then David J.

Ariel at Lee's Palace

Ariel is a quartet that formed in 1995 and currently has Toronto as a base of operations. The band played their signature really loud blend of world music and atmospheric rock, which was a really great way to start the evening, at times switching the bass out for a sitar. The band announced in October 2013 that they are planning to record new material.

Amy's Arms at Lee's Palace

For Amy’s Arms, this was the third and last stop on their Canadian tour. They continue to sound tight and put on great live shows, not forgetting to rehearse often while in the background of things still carefully crafting a studio album. They feel honored to have toured with David J, an icon whose work across many projects helped inspire them.

David J Haskins

The headliner of the show, David J, played a blend of great new songs and already established crowd favorites. I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere of “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight” and the fun “Kundalini Express”. David J has been quite active of late; in addition to releasing of An Eclipse of Ships, he recently worked with Adrian H & The Wounds to create this song and video, a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”.

photos : Dylan Madeley

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