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Toronto ON, May 22-25 – It was a sad day when Kinetik Festival was cancelled. The beloved industrial and electronic music festival was one of the largest of its type in North America. Normally taking place in Montreal, plans had been made to move the festival to Toronto this year, bands had been booked, tickets had been sold, many attendees had made travel plans, and with just months remaining it unfortunately had to be cancelled.


Rising from the wreckage came Aftermath, an impromptu four-day music festival born out of the combined efforts of promoters, musicians, writers, and fans who pooled their efforts in order to keep many of the bands booked to play Kinetik playing in Toronto the dates Kinetik was to take place. Aftermath’s lineup features bands both classic and emerging ranging from industrial rock to IDM to electro-industrial to synthpop. It will take place over Memorial Day weekend, between May 22nd and 25th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre and Velvet Underground. Tickets are only $15 per evening in advance and $20 day of.

Aftermath flyer

In addition to some great music do a bit of shopping! The designers behind Plastik Wrap had a Bazaar of the Bizarre vendor market planed for Kinetik and are keeping it alive with an Aftermath Bazaar on Saturday May 24th. Located in a new space in the heart of Kensington market, the Round venue, it’s a great chance to take in the unique neighborhood and also explore the shops it has to offer.

Bazaar of the Bizarre Aftermath

Auxiliary will be at Aftermath, so if you spot us say hi! Don’t miss this festival and look out for our coverage of it in the next issue and here on our website.

– Jennifer Link

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