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Toronto ON, April 22 – I was looking forward to Dianna DiNoble’s pieces; having seen glimpses of the collection online. This year’s Starkers! Corsetry collection promised to be filled with strong looks that have a connection to our past but also look towards the future.


Right, Auxiliary October/November 2013 Issue cover model and Kiss Me Deadly beauty editorial model Vorm Van Aimee.

The runway was lined with a few small tealights, otherwise it’s darkness. Out stepped two models, the blue glow of  fiber optic lights radiated from a magnificent ballgown covered in butterflies, hood drawn up for full effect. And a two piece corset with mini a tulle skirt, the rope of light wrapped around the neck like a futuristic necklace. As they stroll off the runway, the lights come back on, and the full range of corsets, skirts, and 3D printed accessories are revealed.


Left, model and fashion designer behind Wani by Saki.

I’m bias due to the fact I do tend to love anything with a corset, and most definitely when it’s not the usual affair. Though Starkers Corsetry has earned that bias working for over two decades designing beautifully constructed corsets. This year’s collection was a mix of white and black leathers in patent and snakeskin. Fabrics were either sheer blacks or rich white layered tulle. The expertly designed slits, cuts, and sculpted designs of the leather with the softer materials was perfection. Combining softness with the otherwise harsh materials brought an otherworldliness to the runway. There were stunning 3D printed eyepatches which were of a more organic nature, almost as if to have grown naturally over the eye of the women it adhered too, like a cocoon, from which butterflies had not quite hatched.


Right, Auxiliary’s October/November 2013 Issue Tricky Treats Style model Natasha K @ Valt Models.

One of my favorite looks was the black body sculptured snakeskin corset. This was paired with a long black patent skirt with lots of skin up the legs, a matching patent leather harness with sculpted shoulder epaulets, and the look was finalized with a 3D eyepatch in dark gray. Another piece that caught my eye was the black corset dress, its soft flowing fabric wrapping around the model’s shoulders, while a long leather skirt hugged her legs. It felt royal, dark, and I wanted to know what it would feel like to live in her world the moment she stepped into mine.


Model and Missy/Ink editor in chief Bella Rouge. 

And finally my favorite piece of the night, the long white leather cape with short cap sleeves, this was layered over a handsome black and white corset. The shapes and patterns on the leather were a perfect complement to the model’s tall frame. And again a long patent black skirt, this one giving a feeling of more movement, more wild and organic in its movement. Overall it was almost a feeling of being transported into another world where strength and beauty, nature and technology joined together in a celebration of what could be.


Congrats Dianna. And thank you for a beautiful collection to keep us dreaming of the future.

photos : Ian Compton

– Tasha Farrington

Tasha Farrington
Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz was Auxiliary’s Fashion Editor for many years and is now a fashion contributor, a fashion stylist represented by Behind the Image, and a first time mom.
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