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Toronto ON, April 22 – RAW is an organization based out of LA that specializes in promoting and giving exposure to growing artists of all mediums. Although relatively new in Toronto, they launched their Toronto division this year, the showcase that happened past Thursday at Revival Bar in the downtown core of the city attracted many creative and colorful personalities. The venue’s ceiling was adorned with Asian paper lanterns that drifted above the rhythmic beats of ska music and chatter of crowds.


Abrash Embroidery

Among the various designers, visual artists, and photographers there were several names that stood out with their bright originality and captivating displays. Abrash Embroidery, a truly impressive company that specializes in altering clothing in a recycled manner to create a reinvented product. This glimmering silver and teal dress was definitely a show stopper with it’s high fashion approach to mesh, creating shapes that mimicked the oscillating waves of the ocean. I also really loved the attention to detail in their long-sleeved dress with the Dia de los Muertos sugar skull embellished with vibrant red spirals.


Left, Keniya. Right, photograph by Remedy, image source

For casual streetwear I found urban designer Keniya that also strongly believes in recycling materials to recreate comfortable flattering pieces. What really impressed me was how everything could be worn unisex, the camo print, the woven shorts, even the long magenta and amethyst golden button down dress could be worn as an avant-garde silk shirt.

Local Toronto alternative fashion photographer Remedy was also showcasing her prints that night, although an emerging artist in the industry she has a particular knack in rendering and editing her images in post into fantasy dreamscapes and vivid illustrative stories. Her hyperrealism style is truly inspiring and pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be fashion portraiture.

The RAW showcase has big plans for the future of emerging artists, their next Toronto event “Panorama” takes place on June 19th with a new cluster of bright stars and new local talent.

photos : Cassia Crawl

– Cassia Crawl

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