item of the week : Buns ‘N Roses Tote Bag by Iron Fist

It’s a bunny themed item of the week! The best thing about Iron Fist is their amazing prints, bold, unique, and always playful. This little guy is known as BunnyCorn. You can get him in a variety of forms from shoes to dresses, but if you really want to show him off go with this tote. A bold print bag is a great way to add some fun to a mostly black outfit and with current trends it is totally acceptable to mix and match prints, so this bag can get a good amount of use. May the BunnyCorn bring you lots of candy and treats this weekend.

Iron Fist BunnyCorn Tote Bag

image source

The Buns ‘N Roses Tote Bag is available online for $45 at

– Jennifer Link

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