music video : Trust – Capitol

The newest music video from Trust, “Capitol” off Joyland, goes in the direction of classic music videos, this one featuring a girl dancing and wandering about to the track and plenty of footage of Robert Alfons singing that will gear you up for Trust’s current tour. It’s sure to please fans more than the trippy and a bit boring first video from Joyland “Rescue, Mister”. The visuals in “Capitol”, rainbow galaxies, glowing neon, pyramids, etc., brings Joyland back to grave wave aesthetics which is good because I’ve heard some complaints that Joyland strays too far from the darkness and grittiness of the first album TRST. Alfons continues to emerge as a heartthrob as “Capitol” will make you think, “who’s that girl and why does she get to be in a Trust video?”

– Jennifer Link

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