item of the week : The Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner by Smashbox


It’s not just Santigold’s genre bending musical style that makes her a standout artist, but the visual element to her music. From her name to her incredible personal style, she has very visual sensibilities.  If you’ve seen any of her music videos or live performances, her new cosmetic line with Smashbox seems natural given her covetable brand of grungy glam. With fun names and luxurious detailing like a Lipstick Ring adorned with Swarovski crystals, these limited edition items are as beautifully packaged as they are covetable. One the standouts in this collection is the Double Ended Limitless Eye Liner, double ended liners offered in Azurite Is Never Wrong/El Dorado (bright blue/soft gold) and Yellow Dwarf/Green Martian (bright yellow/mint green). Not only are the colors unique and playful, the fact that they are offered in a pencil allows you to make as big or as subtle of an impact as desired.

The Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner by Smashbox will be available online starting April 1st for $24 at


– Reem Jazar

Reem Jazar
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