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Sugarpill Cosmetics

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Sugarpill Cosmetics’ new professional makeup brushes are not only adorable in style and appearance but they are also 100% vegan friendly. They are made from soft, high quality synthetic bristles resting in a bamboo handle. These brushes mimic the feel of high end real fur materials. They allow you to apply and blend your makeup flawlessly and effortlessly, while offering a hygienic and lightweight tool. The pink ombre coloring allows you to play around and dip your brushes in even the most daring and deepest colors, as they will not stain or change the appearance unlike the standard white bristle brushes we see at most counters. Sugarpill has been known for several years for her vibrant pigment eyeshadows and these new brushes will allow you to work with their magical formula to create your look.

The Brush Set by Sugarpill Cosmetics are available online for $68 at

– Cassia Crawl

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