DIY funding : Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography Book

The way artists get their work out to the world is dramatically changing. More and more artists and musicians are choosing to fund their next project or their next album through crowd funding rather than traditional methods of the past. When large publishing houses and record labels are becoming more problems than they are worth for independent and niche artists, crowding funding is becoming an important tool for creatives.

Long time Auxiliary photography contributor Sequoia Emmanuelle has recently launched a crowd funding campaign with Kickstarter to fund her first photography book. Emmanuelle designed the book with award-winning book designer Eli Morgan and the book will be full of her stunning and lush photographs. You can pre-order the book through Kickstarter or help fund her endeavour in various other ways.

Sequoia Emmanuelle Book

Just some of Emmanuelle’s stunning work to be published. Can you spot 3 photographs from Auxiliary?

You can support this project by visiting

– Jennifer Link

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