in attendance : Assemblage 23 and Glenn Love at The Opera House

Toronto ON, February 1 – On their first tour date of 2014, Assemblage 23 played at The Opera House and Glenn Love provided an opening set. A23 frontman Tom Shear has been busy with different projects, one being recently contributing lyrics and vocals to the track “Society of Dogs” on iVardensphere’s The Methuselah Tree. This particular tour bears no particular title, nor is it in support of any new A23 album (though side project Surveillance will release the successfully crowd-funded album Oceania very soon), but it easily brought out a full house of attendees even in the midst of a blizzard. Assemblage 23 will continue touring and are heading to Europe next. When the stage was not otherwise occupied, DJ Lazarus provided a steady supply of beats.

Assemblage 23 on stage

Opening industrial/dark electronic act Glenn Love had an incredible time. It was great to see not only a robust attendance for the event overall, but a big group arriving in time to enjoy his set (I was delayed by a streetcar’s mechanical breakdown, and I was not alone in such troubles). In January, Glenn released two new singles, “(R)Age Electric” and “At My Door”, which will be included in an upcoming EP. Dyno Mike and Dann Hines helped to work the electronics, freeing up Glenn to fully engage in the dynamic stage performance style that has become his trademark.

Glenn Love 1

Glenn Love 2

After an intermission set by DJ Lazarus, Assemblage 23 brought their signature EBM/industrial sound to the stage. The A23 set provided a nice spread of different songs from different albums, keeping the energy level up and keeping people dancing. It was remarkable how they handled the encore: while many bands traditionally walk off the stage and wait for the crowd to loudly urge them back to their instruments, A23 made a point of simply asking whether people wanted to hear more, then giving the crowd what they wanted.

Tom Shear of Assemblage 23

photos : Dylan Madeley

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