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Toronto ON, January 30 – The release party for Random Order’s new album, Black Lipstick Kiss, took place at the Virgin Mobile MOD Club in Toronto. The headlining band performed their new album from start to finish and sets were also performed by Toronto bands Tremor and Amy’s Arms. Random Order plays a thoroughly danceable blend of styles including alternative rock, ska, and reggae. They bookended the night, beginning with two songs recorded for television in advance of Amy’s Arms’ set, and finishing the night with a full set.

Random Order

The next band to take the stage was Amy’s Arms, a goth rock band who recently concluded an Indiegogo fundraiser campaign for a new album. Amy’s Arms has been around in various incarnations for seven years, and they showcased the lineup that one should expect to see on their Spring 2014 tour with David J. of Bauhaus fame. It looks and sounds like they have all the pieces put together: Christopher Park kept the time behind the kit, his first outing with the band.

Amy's Arms

Tremor was the next band to play. Their Fender-driven indie rock shifted the sonic landscape once again, though all the bands this evening did indeed sound refreshingly different from each other, catering to an array of tastes. This band reminded me of 70s guitarists who were influenced by blues and folk.


After those sets, Random Order returned. They had not lost any energy in between their two-song opener and their return, and quite a lot of ska pit dancing was to be seen in the crowd. They also added something extra to their performance by inviting skillful dance act House of Shimmy to join them on stage for a couple of songs.

Random Order with House of Shimmy

House of Shimmy

photos : Dylan Madeley

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