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Valentine’s Day, the holiday everyone loves to hate. Commercialism has taken over every holiday, sucking the life out of them. Yet ignoring holidays all together doesn’t feel right; I think there is an overall longing lately for tradition and history. Instead I propose: make holidays your own. Look to their origins and roots and make your own traditions and reasons a holiday means something to you. Make Valentine’s Day a chance to make a sincere gesture to someone you love. Jewelry is an excellent traditional gift for your girlfriend, your best friend, or yourself; whoever has been there for you lately or whoever might need a little love this time of year. Avoid the generic heart or the typical gemstone piece. The Sacred Geometry collection by RockLove Jewelry is based on design with spirituality in mind so the giver and the wearer can instill their own personal meaning in the pieces. A necklace is they way to go. The Chevron Necklace can be worn everyday and lays close to your heart. It comes in gold or silver so pick the version that fits your loved one’s tastes. Don’t buy into the idea that you must spend a lot to give a good gift. The entire Sacred Geometry collection is 20% for Valentine’s Day until February 5th.

The Chevron Necklace by RockLove Jewelry is available online on sale for $79.20 in silver and $63.20 in gold at

– Jennifer Link

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