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Spin Doctor is the sister brand of Hell Bunny, offering dark Victorian and steampunk clothing contrasting Hell Bunny’s bright retro and rockabilly pieces. The shining strong point of both lines are their dresses. Fun and alternative with just the right details, they are also versatile and many could be fitting for club nights, parties, day looks, office looks, and even weddings. The Pentagram Mini Dress from Spin Doctor Clothing’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection adds a splash of nu goth and occult to their steampunk aesthetic. This dresses use of pentagrams and an alchemy inspired print could push it away from use at the office and family attended parties but now that upside down crosses, occult symbols, and nu goth has so fully saturated fast fashion, you might be able to wear this more than you’d think. You won’t find this dress at Forever21 or H&M, its details and uniqueness will make it stand out from the overflow you can get at those stores. Don’t fear trends because they are everywhere, if you like them, the trick is to just do them right.

The Pentagram Mini Dress by Spin Doctor will be available online when the new Spring/Summer 2014 collection is released. Watch Spin Doctor’s Facebook for updates at

– Jennifer Link

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