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Pink Velvet, the highly anticipated new “it” item for every makeup addict and beauty shopaholic out there has finally arrived from Lime Crime. Similar to it’s predecessors Red Velvet and Suedeberry, the product promises to deliver velvety high-pigmented lips that last all day and night and are easily applied and shaped with the swipe of a wand. It’s a real fairy tale for those multitasking girls who don’t want to keep reapplying and touching up their lips! The released new pink color is a flattering shade for all skin tones with an uplifting youthful burst of neon to outshine winter’s dreariest days. The hue dries softly as it stains your lips with the softness of rose petals. The Velveteens render lip liners as passé, since their products do not bleed and can easily be blotted off if needed.

Lime Crime specializes in feminine and fantasy inspired packaging and they have recently remodeled the look of the Velveteen line to a soft, rose flower decorated tube with an improved smaller brush. The color is fast drying, so when you are applying it make sure to work quickly before the pigment sets onto your skin and lips. For better application I suggest drawing the outer edges and outline to finalize the shape, then carry in the shade and blend it through the inside. Your lips will look matte, but they will not ever feel dry or cracked. Rejoice in velvety kisses in a new shade of wonders.

Pink Velvet Velvetines by Lime Crime is available online for $20 at

– Cassia Crawl

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2 comments on “item of the week : Pink Velvet Velvetines by Lime Crime”

  1. Hmmm. Im going to be honest. This reads more like an ad than a review. What did YOU think of this product? Did it last? Is it true to color? I think readers will be more interested in your personal experience with a product.

    Just a bit of advice! (And I do love lime crime and you!)

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Our Item of the Week features highlight a design, product, or item we love and want to feature. They are not really intended to be product reviews. We only feature products we like with them! But including some personal experience to some is something we’ll try to add in more of!

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