designer spotlight : Janine Basil

Not to lead you directly into the arms of temptation or anything, but browsing through Janine Basil’s Pop Accessories “just to look” at glitter bone headbands, tiki brooches, or 8-bit diamond necklaces (a retro gamer girl’s best friend) might lead to an exponential shrink in closet space. True story: even the most iron resolve is useless against a host of unicorns, robots, and pandas waiting to take up residence on your head, neck, and shoes. And in the rare event of coming across the feeling of restraint settling in, enter the rainbow glitter bow crown headband. Willpower override sequence initiated. The only way to resist temptation is to yield to the magpie within indeed.


interview by : Vanity Kills
photographer : Karlie Lanni of Eye Shutter Photo
creative director : Jennifer Link
fashion stylist : Jennifer Link
makeup artist : Stefanie Contreras
hair stylist : Stefanie Contreras
models : Fraulein Sanzio & Blu Jay

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