on this day : Stiv Bators born – October 22, 1949

He was the Lord of the Lords of the New Church. He is now a Dead Boy. And for a while, the man born Steven John Bator in Ohio was the sound of American punk rock. Much like Iggy Pop, Stiv performed with much attitude and total abandon, attracting attention for the Dead Boys with his outrageous stage persona. After making their mark on the 1970s East Village scene the band split and the singer formed The Lords of the New Church, a slicker, more postpunk group that lasted most of the decade.

Stiv Bators would be celebrating his 64th (!!!) birthday year if he wasn’t struck dead by a taxi while crossing the street in Paris in 1990. That is sad, but perhaps not as sad as the news he will be played by the hunky Hangover guy Justin Bartha in an upcoming movie about CBGBs. Give me the corpse of a true punk rocker any day.

– Liisa Ladouceur

Liisa Ladouceur
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