seven deadly questions : Ayria

Jennifer Parkin of Ayria reveals how she sins.


interview by : Dylan Madeley

Ayria, a solo electronic music project led by Jennifer Parkin, has been winning fans worldwide since 2003. Recently Parkin released her newest album, Plastic Makes Perfect, and toured North America to support its release. Ayria has had a thriving tour life, having been asked to return to the road to support staple bands such as VNV Nation, The Cruxshadows, and most recently, Project Pitchfork. This spring’s tour was not the first tour she’s been on with Project Pitchfork. Parkin elaborates, “I’ve been very lucky with the tours I’ve done so far, we seem to get asked back as a support for many amazing bands. So, I must be easy to get along with!” Parkin goes on to explain the crucial role that people skills play in the world of music, “you have to spend every waking moment with these people crammed in a van for a solid month. If you don’t get along, or have high maintenance people on tour, it’s an unpleasant disaster.” In September Ayria will be playing the 2013 Gothic Cruise, saying, “I’m very excited. I’ve never been on a cruise, and it’s even rare that I get a vacation; I use vacation time for touring. I’m looking forward to this experience, getting to hang out with everyone on a boat.” She adds playfully, “I’m bringing my water wings. I’m not a great swimmer!” Ayria can be thoroughly up-tempo but also undeniably dark, with a lyrical focus on self-exploration. When asked about the lyrical themes on Plastic Makes Perfect Parkin says, “I’ll sum it up in one word per song that runs through my mind: losing passion, feeling trapped, past resentments and realizations, growing up, revenge… Isn’t that a sin? I could be wrong… grief, loss, social injustice, heartbreak, burn out, touring, the future.” With each release Parkin seems to further refine her sound.

What is your greatest desire?
Jennifer Parkin : I want money! Not because I’m materialistic! I lust after just having enough money just so I can keep making music, with no stress about the future and finances, maybe enhance my studio a bit, enhance the live show, get a tour van. You know, the usual splurges. [winks]

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