music video : Legend – Amazon War

A rather odd choice, Legend just released a music video for their nearly six-minute long “intro” opening track to their album Fearless. The song “Amazon War” serves as a great introduction to Fearless that sets an underlying tone of darkness and skepticism to an often dancey and hopeful album. Perhaps this video serves much the same purpose, an eerie introduction to the next chapter for Legend with a recently announced spot in the lineup of North America’s premier industrial music festival Kinetik and hopefully a new album. The hype and whispers about “this amazing band Legend” have been ongoing for a year and it will most likely only escalate as the May 2014 date for Kinetik Festival approaches. (Side note, this video compiled from the internet and documentaries contains imagery that is moving but never gruesome or gory. This heads up might lessen the anxiety effect of the video but seemed necessary to encourage you to actually watch it.)

– Jennifer Link

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