on this day : Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns born – August 5, 1959

Happy Birthday, Pete Burns. You’re 54 today.

Once upon a time, the founder/singer for Dead or Alive was the best kind of freak. Outrageous, glamorous, androgynous. He rocked crimped hair and an eye patch like no other synthpop star. On the dancefloor his music spun us like a record, right round. And then he just got weird. What was worse, the extreme plastic surgery nightmares or his embarrassing reality TV shows? OK, definitely the bad plastic surgery. He’s also been quoted as saying, after being married to a man for less than a year, that gay marriage was a total joke. Sadly, it’s Burns who has become a joke. If you want to freak yourself out, check this video from last year, a new version of the hit “You Spin Me Round”.  Better yet, let’s break out the eyeliner and take a trip back to 1985 when he was still awesomely cool.

– Liisa Ladouceur

Liisa Ladouceur
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