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Auxiliary caught up with industrial legends Skinny Puppy on the occasion of the release of their fifteenth studio album, Weapon. Founding members and self-described “industrial hippies” Ogre and cEvin Key discuss the creation of the new album and where Skinny Puppy stands in relation to much of industrial music today.


interview by : Hangedman

Approaching the legendary band Skinny Puppy is no small feat. One could say it is daunting in some respects. They are industrial giants, intelligent and clear spoken, mentored and inspired by the pioneers of the industrial arts scene and quoted by the media as being the first industrial rock stars. I’ve been following this band since 1987 when the vinyl for Cleanse Fold and Manipulate landed in my hands and changed everything. To me, they are musical heroes and in many ways and for many people, the story of Skinny Puppy is a reflection of our own journey through life in the industrial scene whether you discovered them last year or in the awesome 80s. Numerous artists have been cast into the influence of the band and surviving core members Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key (along with Mark Walk) remain passionate about the project. In an age where some legacy bands stay together for pure business purposes, it’s refreshing to see Skinny Puppy stay firmly locked into an artistic vision that hasn’t strayed far from their original mission. Today with the release of their fifteenth studio album Weapon, they are still making great music and expressing an artistic pursuit that spans their near thirty year timeline.

read the full interview in the June/July 2013 Issue

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