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Ever feel like running through the forest Pocahontas style? Have you ever wished for the mysterious allure and free spirit of the gypsy? Ever feel like whisking yourself away from the media, your job, or society’s expectations to be bland? Alternative culture is about running towards your passions. Gipsy Dharma boots are flexible and durable enough to go where you go; whether it’s the bustling inner city or the heart of the woods. These boots feel like a second skin, leaving you free to be yourself. Pick leather boots from a wide range of hues such as black, nude, magenta, leafy green, or sky blue. Don’t just be alternative, be yourself.

Give your feet and legs a second skin with Knee High Leather Boots available online for $246 at

– Paige Etheridge

Paige Etheridge
Paige Etheridge is a contributor for Auxiliary.

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  1. I love the description of the boots. It creates a picture in my mind that I just love. And the boots are the answer. Great ad!!

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