item of the week : Rocker Headphone Splitter at Kat Von D’s Wonderland LA


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We love the music we love and new technology has made it easier to share our passion for the eardrum’s pleasure. But splitting a pair of headphones between two heads over an iPod can be a drag, especially when you want to head bang. Let this not be a reason to trash the scene and let the rockers unite. The Rocker Headphone Splitter featured in Kat Von D’s Wonderland is sure to get your devil horns on with whoever you share your tunes. It plugs easily with any standard 3.5 audio jack and provides two headphone inputs. Now you and your buddy can head bang during that crazy guitar solo. Your next dilemma will be if you have an extra pair of headphones for you and your friend to check out that new album.

The Rocker Headphone Splitter is available online for $10 at Kat Von D’s Wonderland LA online store.

– Paige Etheridge

Paige Etheridge
Paige Etheridge is a contributor for Auxiliary.

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