music video : The Knife – Raging Lung

Brooding Swedish brother and sister duo, The Knife, have gone in a new direction with their newest single off their latest album Shaking The Habitual, “Raging Lung”. They created a new, live video featuring performances under UV lights. The spectacle evoked a futuristic tribal carnality to create a piece that is both captivating and imaginative. The track took a mild departure from The Knife’s typical dancey, energetic sound to an organic, evolving piece that sounds like electric, prismatic honey to the ears. The team worked together with a temporary performance troupe, Sorklubben, to direct the video to create an undulating, breathing visual display. If you want to see them live in person, The Knife will be part of this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris on October 31st.

– Jessica Jewell

Jessica Jewell
Jessica Jewell is a contributor for Auxiliary Magazine.
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