on this day : Björk releases Debut – July 5, 1993

Welcome to a new regular feature that looks back at notable dates in the dark culture calendar: birthdays, death days, anniversaries, and other landmark occasions in goth, industrial, electronic, new wave, and postpunk music.

Our first On This Day celebrates the 20th anniversary of Debut, the first solo record from Björk. Before the swan dress, before the acting accolades, before the Icelandic singer was a household name many struggled to pronounce, she was simply a quirky member of campus radio stars The Sugarcubes. Until this joyous and eclectic electronic dance album, produced by Nelle Hooper (Massive Attack), quickly established her as one of most intriguing artists of the era, one who would become a musical and style icon of our age. And it all started with “Human Behavior.”

Today, listen to Björk’s Debut. You can listen online on Spotify.

– Liisa Ladouceur

Liisa Ladouceur
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