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in memory of : Relie Vicious

It is with a heavy heart that I write that Arielle Clements passed away June 18th, 2013 at the young age of 24. She was known as Relie Vicious, the model with piercing eyes who was extremely easy to photograph.

Photographed by Laura Dark for the Malice Aforethought beauty editorial in Auxiliary Magazine’s October/November 2010 Issue, Ohio Bat Girl, Dan Brunk of Fotographie X, Billie Stafford of Bloody Messy Girls, David Heasley of Cover Photography, and myself Emily Strange of Strange Photography: she was an inspiration to us all, a muse, and much more.


detail from Auxiliary Magazine’s October/November 2010 Malice Aforethought beauty editorial

Arielle was a ball of fire: fun, fierce, caring, beautiful, smart, wild, outgoing, she did what she wanted. In her short lived years she made sure to make an impact on the lives of everyone around her. She was loved by many and will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. Her stories will be told, people will laugh for her, and that ball of fire she was will never burn out.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends.


photographs by Billie Stafford of Bloody Messy Girls


photograph by Dan Brunk of Fotographie X


photograph by Dan Brunk of Fotographie X


photographs by Emily Strange of Strange Photography


photographs by Laura Dark

– Emily Strange

Emily Strange
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  1. What a beautiful woman and a wonderful tribute! May Arielle “Relie Vicious” memory live on….

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