item of the week : Dead or Alive by Verameat

Dead or Alive by Verameat

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I met a girl through Inked Magazine who told me about Verameat. I was immediately interested and started checking out their cute and macabre jewelry online. This is unusual for a girl who wears rock bracelets and a Celtic knot necklace with a fake moonstone. About six months later while I was eating at an Indian restaurant with my partner I found the Brooklyn branch of Verameat across the street.

With that I have a suggestion to add some bite to your wardrobe. It’s a chained pendant dubbed “Dead or Alive”. Deck yourself with these pair of fangs without joining the undead or a trip to the dentist. You can wear this around your neck or in your mouth. Sink your teeth into that while you pick between a mold of red copper, gold, or sterling silver. It’s a cool way to be flashy but deadly over your gnashes or around your neck.

The Dead or Alive pendant is available online for $270 (price starts at $270 and varies on the metal you covet) at

– Paige Etheridge

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