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The single “Home” from Austra’s upcoming second album Olympia due out June 18th now has a video to pair with it. (If Austra sounds familiar but you can’t place it, perhaps it’s because their drummer Maya Postepski is also the drummer for Trust on their début album.) Having fallen in love with this track over the last couple months and jumping into the video with no background info on it, it left me feeling torn about it. The first half of the video does an excellent job of capturing the feelings of detachment when you’re holding crushing emotions inside as life continues on around you. But I felt gypped watching singer Katie Stelmanis deliver such heart wrenching vocals so passively. The video was filmed as one single take and features Stelmanis and the rest of the band preparing for a show. The director’s That Go (Noel Paul and Stefan Moore) explain, “the band wanted the video to be intimate and simple, which we thought was perfect for the track. To that end we not only kept the format simple, but we also put the camera behind a two-way mirror so the band couldn’t see it. Whenever someone is looking at the camera they’re only seeing their own reflection and the environment behind them.” So upon reading that insight, I think the video needs to grow on a me a bit, much as the track did.

– Jennifer Link

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