release of the week : The Knife – Shaking The Habitual

Aux_TheKnifeThe Knife have now officially released Shaking The Habitual and it is getting mixed reviews. Now think about all the people who jumped on The Knife bandwagon after the 2006 release of Silent Shout and how they just did it because it was the “cool” thing to do. These are the people who just don’t get The Knife and I think you need to have an open mind and appreciate creativity to enjoy them in whatever they do. I personally love Shaking The Habitual and am very glad that The Knife progressed and didn’t puke out a second Silent Shout.

Shaking The Habitual is available for purchase online at the Rabid Records Store and can be listened to online on The Knife’s website.

– Mike Kieffer

Mike Kieffer
Music Editor
Mike Kieffer is a founding member of Auxiliary, its Music Editor, and DJs under the name Darago.
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