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Auxiliary’s own Hangedman had a chat with Sascha Konietzko, frontman of the legendary industrial band KMFDM. Sascha reflects on their new album Kunst and their upcoming tour, the wonderful and crazy place that is the United States, and what keeps KMFDM going strong after thirty years.


Sascha Konietzko is the magnetic front man for KMFDM as well as several other side projects. He’s a man who is unafraid to be outspoken in both his music and personal opinions. On the eve of the band’s 18th studio album Kunst, there is no sign of both him and his band stopping! Sascha joined Auxiliary’s own Hangedman for a conversation covering everything from Pussy Riot in Russia, living in America, children in Germany, and the amazing decades long legacy of music that has made KMFDM among the most forthright and enduring pioneers of industrial rock.

You have a new album coming out, Kunst, and you have this against a vast discography. What’s different about this album compared to the rest?
Sascha Konietzko : The newest one is always important to the artist. I think nearly every artist feels this way. I haven’t actually given much thought about it yet in regards to what is so different about it. Once you have spent twelve to fourteen months working on something it actually blurs your capability to be objective about it. We worked on Kunst for a little over a year and as usual without thinking too much about what is supposed to be done, things just kind of happened in such a way that it developed by itself.

read the full interview in the February/March 2013 Issue

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