interview : Manic Panic

Sisters Tish and Snooky are the owners of Manic Panic, the alternative cosmetics company founded in 1977 that provided American punks with the shocking hair colors that defined their look. Together they opened the first punk rock boutique in America, and saw their hotly hued style evolve from anti-fashion theatrics to mainstream celebration.

Manic Panic

interview by : Ariana Paoletti
photographer : Ron Douglas
photography assistant : Jenn Kowalik

You’re sisters and it seems like you’ve always been joined at the hip. Can you tell us a little bit about your childhood?
T : As a matter of fact, a friend of ours who’s one of the founding members of the Alice Cooper band, Dennis Dunaway, he calls us the “Siamese sisters”, we’re so joined at the hip.
S : Sometimes we’ll say the exact same thing at the exact same time, sometimes we’ll just… start singing!
T : Which is very weird.
S : In the same key, at the same point in a song. It’s just so funny, it freaks people out!
T : Yes, we’re definitely… connected.
S : A psychic told us we were supposed to be twins, but somehow Tish was late.
T : I’m usually the late one.
S : There’s no one else in the world that we have such a history with. We’ve known each other longer than anyone else in the world! But we’ve always been like this; Siamese-y.

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photo assistant Jenn Kowalik and writer Ariana Paoletti with Tish and Snooky




As children, did you always play together?
S : We did!
T : Most of the time, yeah and we moved around a lot and I think that had to do with it too, cause sometimes we’d move to a place and we had no friends, but we had each other!
S : We’d lived in the city when we were kids and then we moved up to the country and we didn’t know anybody. We didn’t really want to go outside and play in the country, we were city kids! So we’d just stay upstairs in the attic all day drawing, little comic strips and stuff, all day long. I remember piles and piles of papers of our drawings.

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