in the media : Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Vampire Commercial

Nutri Grain Vampire Commercial

Kellogg’s has a new commercial airing now for Nutri-Grain bars with an endearing vampire family as the spokespeople! Sure the concept, vampires are now morning people because they like morning Nutri-Grain bars, is a little cheesy but there is so much to like about this commercial, who cares? The old timey/Victorian styling is spot on! Nice to see the aesthetic done well in a commercial.

Nutri Grain Vampire Commercial

If I have kids one day, I hope they look like this. I would be such a proud mother watching them from the window as they wait for the bus!

Nutri Grain Vampire Commercial

Nutri Grain Vampire Commercial

I need a pet bat I can walk on a leash!

Nutri Grain Vampire Commercial

I think this commercial is pretty smart and done quite well! Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Disney’s top earners for merchandising and this commercial is marketed to the generation that grew up on it. And to a generation who might have new houses, young families, and be interested in buying morning bars for them.

The only not so great fit is the actual product. The ingredients list on these bars isn’t horrible but I can think a few companies that are more organic/raw ingredient minded and small business/local minded that I’d be more likely to buy a granola bar from.

Obviously alternative culture is pretty hot right now in mainstream culture and I’d be happy to see more commercials like this!

Watch the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Vampire Commercial :

– Jennifer Link

13 comments on “in the media : Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Vampire Commercial”

  1. The father is played by Steve Valentine who used to play Nigel on Crossing Jordan. I believe that the mother is played by Gillian Vigman from Suburgatory.

  2. Why would vampires even try a nutrigrain bar? Worried about their health? They’re dead. Brahm Stoker would be shaking his head right now…

  3. single 58 yr male; I loved it. I went wright out and bought some. I thought it was a-ok. Good job.

  4. the house actually looks similar to the house in “Plan 9 From Outer Space” with the last scenes of Bela Lugosi shot before his death. Tim Burton paid tribute to these “out takes” in his movie “Ed Wood. Was this possibly intentional?

  5. I have seen this commercial never seen the part with the kids. Two young vampire
    enjoy a healthy snack. Good looking kids. Those two should be cast into a vampire
    movie one day.

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