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New York NY, January 17 – Arden Leigh, author of the book The New Rules of Attraction and our Ask Arden relationship advice columnist, has brought her power and beauty to the world of music! Her new band Arden and the Wolves hit the stage for the first time at RBar on Bowery in NYC on January 17th. Her stage presence was enthralling. The best thing besides the music is the band’s look, Arden is very fair, like a Snow White, and her band members are very rock and rough (I mean rough in a good way boys!). Band members include lead guitar Gabe Mera, rhythm guitar Mick Royale, bass Percy Trayanov, and drums Matt James.



Arden Leigh took a few minutes to answer our questions!

What made you want to start singing?
Arden Leigh : I can remember wanting to sing for as long as I’ve been alive. I would sing at recess in school and the other kids would tell me to shut up. I spent most of my adolescence and early adulthood singing in theater, but that got old. I started writing acoustic singer/songwriter stuff in my early 20s, and then later decided I wanted to take advantage of my higher range. Indie pop rock bands (Paramore, Anberlin, The Classic Crime) have always been the kind of music that gets under my skin, and that’s what I wanted to put out there.

Where did the name of the band come from?
AL : The name Arden and the Wolves is kind of a joke that came out of my pat response whenever anyone asks me why I’m in the rock scene but don’t have any tattoos: I would reply, “because I like being the lamb amongst the wolves.” Arden and the Wolves seemed an appropriate name. Especially if you take a look at my fellow band members.

What is the name of the CD you have out now?
AL : Our EP is called Break Me In, which is also the title of the one acoustic song on the album.


Is there anything about your music and book that are alike or are you sending different messages with your music?
AL : My book and my music are both authentic expressions of things I believe, but they come at it from different angles. The New Rules Of Attraction is a book about getting the guys you want. My songs come from my experiences in going about getting the guys I want, and are informed by the reality that sometimes things get messy and painful no matter how awesome your seduction skills may be. Some are joyful and optimistic; some are about what happens when you get hurt. Some songs are seductions in and of themselves; “Hazy Town” in particular. But they’re all true to the experiences I’ve had while going about creating the love life I want for myself.

Is there a place people can download or buy your CD online?
AL : Yep, we’re on iTunes and I think a couple other places as well.


Be sure to check out other events at RBar at 218 Bowery as well as their monthly event Olivia by Mike Madrigal!

– Emily Strange

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