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Anaheim CA, January 24-27 – The NAMM Show is the biggest gathering of music retailers in the world. It’s so enormous it would be impossible to see everything in just four days. No matter what aspect of music creation you’re interested in, there’s bound to be an assortment of vendors with gear you’ll lust for and professionals with sage advice for you.

Like other conventions, the four-day event is crowded with insiders and enthusiasts in search of the very latest goodies. The booths featured musician signings, professional demonstrations, pretty girls, cutting edge technology, and the unveiling of the 2013 models.

Vendors often employ the showmanship associated with traveling salesmen of old. The Pioneer booth featured several DJ stations with different set-ups that allowed professionals and hobbyists alike to experience their new products. Orange Amps constructed a wall of amps that would make anyone who has ever played guitar swoon. Coffin Case presented a 3D video of guitarist John 5 so lifelike it made the 3D technology in movie theaters seem like child’s play. ESP Guitars brought in dark artist Sam Shearon aka Mister-Sam who designed their new Vampire Biotech series to chat up attendees.

Throughout a single day everyone from Stevie Wonder to Jeff Loomis of Nevermore could be spotted working their way through the crowd. Retailers were ordering fresh products to carry and gear heads were in search of their latest sonic adventure. Essentially, it was chaos, but chaos that musicians return for year after year.

If you’re lucky enough to score entry to one of the events in Anaheim or Los Angeles your night doesn’t end when the convention doors close for the day. We attended the Dean Guitars Party on Friday thanks to our friends at Coffin Case who were presenting a fashion show with Toxic Vision. The models marched onto the stage in outfits specially designed for NAMM while a band played.

After the Coffin Case and Toxic Vision fashion show we rushed up the highway a stretch to make it to BL_K NOISE at Capsule Labs pressing plant in Los Angeles. Droid Behavior, Capsule Labs, Trash Audio, and Friendly Integration came together to present a night of analogue and digital hardware performances. Mount Analog was on site selling their breed of bizarre records and posters. This event featured a direct to lacquer disc recording of the performances throughout the night. After eighteen straight hours of musical adventures, the amazing day came to a welcome close.

image courtesy of Coffin Case

– Diamond Bodine-Fischer

photos : Diamond Bodine-Fischer

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