music video : Depeche Mode – Heaven

I haven’t seen a music video spread so rapidly around the internet and world of social networking. At least in my group of friends, associates, and contacts who I imagine would all be very excited about a new track from Depeche Mode. (Except for our music editor of course who has an odd dislike of the band, I think it stems from listening to that KMFDM lyric so much in his youth.) But you should be excited about it! A captivating song and video, with captivating visuals and a captivating live performance. The church, galaxy, dark, and occult elements are very in line with current trends, but in no way cheap and trendy. “Heaven” is the teaser single for Depeche Mode’s upcoming release Delta Machine due out March 26th.

– Jennifer Link

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One comment on “music video : Depeche Mode – Heaven”

  1. I love the video for this song!! Just pre-ordered my copy of Delta Machine, but don’t know if I can wait until March 26th for it to come out :/

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