interview : Santa Hates You

Jinxy and PS of Santa Hates You have been pounding out their unique brand of electro-industrial since 2007. This year sees them kick it into overdrive with their new album It’s ALIVE!.

interview by Mike Kieffer and Jennifer Link

Santa Hates You easily gets labeled as a side project of Project Pitchfork. Was it? Is it now? Do you see this label as negative? And do you do anything to combat this label?
PS : Santa Hates You is a fully fledged band. Jinxy writes most of the lyrics and I write the music to it. So it’s a team, a band. A side project is something you do “on the side”, while my working scheme is always fully concentrated on one project at a time.

Does Santa Hates You and Project Pitchfork have separate types of fans, and if so is there any conflict between the two, Pitchforks vs. Santas?
PS : There are various types of people in the scene. Some love Santa Hates You and also know and love Project Pitchfork. Some love Santa Hates You and hate Project Pitchfork. Some love Project Pitchfork and prefer not to know Santa Hates You. And there are of course people who hate Santa Hates You and hate Project Pitchfork as well. It’s still a mystery to us what kind of music they are listening to. Perhaps country and Western music.

read the full interview in the December/January 2012/2013 Issue

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