We Are Radar closing its doors today

We Are RadaR is closing! So sad! Another great brick and mortar gone. Today is their last day open and they are having a huge sale! So if you’re in the Toronto area, stop in before the chance is gone forever. Pick up some great clothes and accessories and pick up a copy of Auxiliary while you’re there. They have our current issue and many back issues in stock.

Plastik Wrap, the clothing line from the owners of We Are Radar is still alive and strong. They are just closing their physical store front. But it is still sad news for a scene that needs a better sense of community, not a lessening one. Brick and mortars, club nights, festivals, and other places you can see people face to face are what started the goth/industrial scene (and all its offshoots) and the internet cannot replace that.

So go out and support We Are Radar today if you’re near Toronto! And make sure you support the brick and mortars in your area.

RIP We Are Radar

For a quick break down of what Plastik Wrap deals you can get today… all skirts will be between $35-100, men’s tops as low as $30, and sleeves and arm warmers starting at $10. Winter coats are all 30% off. Women’s pants between $50-100. All Embody in the shop will also be on sale at 25% off. All Missy Industry silver jewelry on sale at 20% off.

Read more about We Are Radar in our Brick and Mortar spotlight in the August/September 2012 Issue.

– Jennifer Link

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