release of the week : Brandy Kills – Dead Love Songs

Hunting for upcoming releases is really tedious and since most releases are triggered to drop at least three weeks past the new year. These last few weeks have really tested my ability to find worthy releases! Thankfully there are some other great websites out there and I am truly grateful to I Vacation In Your Hell for pointing out this week’s little gem, Brandy Kills‘ album Dead Love Songs out on Mountain Fighting Records. This album has so many things working for it: great vocals, catchy as hell melodies, and an overall dark atmosphere that requires you to play this album only when the sun is set. You NEED to listen to this!

Dead Love Songs is available for download and can be listened to online on Bandcamp at

– Mike Kieffer

Mike Kieffer
Music Editor
Mike Kieffer is a founding member of Auxiliary, its Music Editor, and DJs under the name Darago.
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