item of the week : Ouija Garter Socks and Garters by Too Fast

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The word trendy has a negative connotation, but trends are not always bad. A more positive view is that trends are the pulse of the collective fashion conscious. Really the key to trends are to follow along with them only when they really tickle your fancy and to follow them in your own unique way. Trend one, occult symbols and motifs on everything and anything. Trend two, leggings and more leggings. Equals, occult symbols all over leggings. Solution, Ouija Garter Socks and Garters by Too Fast. St. Peter’s crosses and pentacles seem obvious picks if you enjoy the occult symbol trend, so go with Ouija board motifs instead. An opaque leg covering that is not leggings, over the knee socks and playful garters. While wearing Too Fast’s Ouija Garter Socks and Garters you’ll be in trend, but in a unique enough way to still stand out!

The Too Fast Ouija Garter Socks and Garters are available for $15 and $7 at

– Jennifer Link

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