release of the week : Blvck Ceiling – Let Us Fall

Out there somewhere are the lucky 75 who picked up this limited release CDr on December 12th thru Phantasma Disques and those who did not are also lucky as Blvck Ceiling’s Let Us Fall is now available thru Bandcamp! I normally look towards the labels, Discogs, Facebook, and well anywhere appropriate to help specify a genre or style to specific bands and I have been let down once again. If I go by these sites this album is electronic, which it is, and sub categorized as industrial, darkwave, hip-hop and synthpop, which it is not. If I think about a hip-hop darkwave industrial band with heavy synthpop influences my head starts to hurt and I hope that I never have to hear it. So why is there all this labeling? I suspect it is because no one exactly knows how to label it or they are afraid to. Regardless I see it as dark and moody electronic music that is worthy of checking out.

Let Us Fall is available for download and can be listened to online on Bandcamp at

– Mike Kieffer

Mike Kieffer
Music Editor
Mike Kieffer is a founding member of Auxiliary, its Music Editor, and DJs under the name Darago.
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