music review : Monozid – A Splinter For The Pure

Monozid - A Splinter for the Purereleased by SM-Musik on 12.09.12

The obscure band Monozid haven’t been in the eyesight of the mainstream. Since they began in 2003, they’ve had quite a large amount of releases. As they began to move closer towards a postpunk sound, they’ve still had some shoegaze vibes that managed to point to the heart of their sound. This might just be an appropriate continuation of their previous album Say Hello To Artificial Grey. Whereas they’ve exchanged the minimalistic experience into a more bombastic and more visually intriguing kind of thing. But there’s still an interesting remnant of no wave, which complements their overall sound greatly. Even though the songs are utterly varied, with everything from “(glowing) big stars” to the more shoegazy addition of “hello bomb”, it makes it feel like their sound is a little bit too sprawly. Which is completely abandoned once you reach the bottom of the iceberg, with songs like “rita, you know we are doomed” and “dead end”, which delve into the more extravagant sound of 80s postpunk, with a hint of no wave to make it feel like its bordering into the realms of traditional goth rock. They’ve paved a way through different genres on this release and I think it’s going to be a benefit, but overall I believe they do the postpunk thing better than the shoegaze. If you’re a fan of the idea of The Birthday Party meets The Foregin Resort, you’ll enjoy this release even more. Since Monozid popped out of nowhere, I’m hoping that they start to find their way through the safe haven of the genres, since with this release I’ve realized they can be daring and dangerously addictive.

recommended track : (glowing) big stars
genre : no wave, postpunk, shoegaze
similar artists : The Foreign Resort, The Birthday Party
8/10 : music 8 : lyrics 8 : recording quality 9

– Invisible Guy

listen to or purchase Monozid’s A Splinter For The Pure on Bandcamp at

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