interview : De/vision

De/Vision has long been known as a quintessential cornerstone of synthpop. In a frank interview, De/Vision speaks openly about their recent album, Rockets & Swords, their longevity as a duo, and the future of the band.

interview by : Jessica Jewell

De/Vision has remarkable longevity. What do you feel has kept the project going for 24 years and how do you keep each release fresh to retain your fan base?
Thomas Adam : I’m not sure, I never thought about that. We simply love what we do and somehow we always managed to reach the hearts of the people. We have always tried to evolve, to go new ways, and re-invent ourselves every once in a while. Not every fan has always been happy with that but it is not our job to fulfill anybody’s expectations. Maybe that’s the secret why we are still popular after 24 years.

Your upcoming album, Rockets & Swords, has a different mood compared to past albums like, Noob. What was it that drove you to explore the softer, poignant territory expressed in the track “I Want to Believe?” I personally love the change of pace. It provides an interesting mental shift at the right point in the album.
TA : Of course it has a different mood, which has to do with the fact that it contains different songs. The way you’re describing it, the change of pace and exploring the softer, poignant territory, it could be almost any other D/V album; it sounds like a typical D/V release to me. I have no idea what drove us to do this or that. This kind of approach is too intellectual to me. When we start writing new songs we never know how the result will be like, we don’t have a plan or formula. We’re only trying to write good songs, that’s it.

read the full interview in the October/November 2012 Issue

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