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photo : Jennifer Link
interview : Mike Kieffer

Aaron Andrews is a long-time contributor for Auxiliary Magazine and an electronic music DJ. He writes music reviews and interviews artists and bands ranging from the most influential icons to shining new-comers. Currently he hosts the weekly radio show “Sequence” on Buffalo, NY’s 91.3fm WBNY. DJ Aaron Andrews has had a shared weekly at Buffalo’s beloved but closed goth/industrial club The Continental, is a frequent guest DJ at Rochester’s Club Vertex, and is the co-host of Transmission’s New Order vs. Depeche Mode parties in Buffalo.

What do you do at Auxiliary Magazine?
I contribute music reviews and music interviews.

How did you join the magazine?
I was invited to participate starting with issue number one. I guess the staff liked me and what I do because I’m still here.

What moment in your life turned you into a music junkie?
I grew up in small town Western New York and we were close enough to Canada that I spent those years watching and listening to TV and radio from across the lake. In high school that window outward become more than a curiosity and has influenced so much about who I am musically today. Every weekend I would listen to Toronto’s CFNY radio for the live to air club nights and “The Ongoing History of New Music” with Alan Cross. The club nights featured music and artists I never would have heard of otherwise (that club goers were nuts for) and Alan Cross provided an academic context to know and understand what I was hearing. Music became more than something to listen to, it became an understanding and true love. I realized alternative music had history and a web of context and collaborators, it’s genuine and living.

You have the power of time travel, what one live performance past or future would you attend?
Ministry’s 1989 Rollerball tour. When I finally had my chance to see Ministry they were nowhere near as cool as they were then.

What music related things do you do outside of Auxiliary?
When I get drunk at bars music seems to be the only thing I can talk about… but I also happen to be a DJ. I host a weekly spotlight on electronic music called “Sequence” on 91.3fm WBNY Buffalo where I play music from various genres and try to turn people onto new things. I’m also a club DJ and have played around Upstate New York and in Toronto.

Do you think the fashion drives the music or the music drives the fashion?
I think they’re two forms of expression that start in their own places and reflect culture, society, and personal experiences. As they age and grow they somehow become entwined in an unbelievable way, so both. I think that there are looks that happen first and sounds that happen first.

What band is your all-time favorite? Guilty pleasure? Most hated?
Depending on the day and my mood, I find New Order, Skinny Puppy or Underworld often come to mind as my favorites. They all have incredible catalogs of music and long careers. My guilty pleasure? Talk radio, I love it. I find the break from music kind of relieving.

When you are at the clubs, what does it take to get you on the dance floor?
Something that just kicks me in the gut. I need to feel music in my soul, especially when I’m dancing. Some songs just have it, you know? It helps when something isn’t completely worn out for me.

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